Public Commemorate

Over years Bhopal has been commemorated by different individuals and groups in several different ways. Some of them are listed below.

The Bhopal Memory Project at Bard College is dedicated to documenting the Bhopal gas disaster as well as providing education resources and updates on its political progress.

Samar Jodha’s Multimedia Installation on Bhopal – largest ever-viewed public art project in India is a 40 feet art installation. It presents images and sounds recorded at the now sealed Union Carbide factory in Bhopal that continues to poison soil, air and water of its surrounding areas. 

I’m Bhopali – an online archive on the Bhopal gas disaster is a volunteer led initiative that invites people to contribute stories, artwork, poetry, articles and to declare, loud and strong, that they are a Bhopali too.

The Bhopal Marathon – is a living online document archiving the memories of the continuing disasters that it states is, “a marathon of suffering measured in years not miles.”

Edinburgh Oral History Project on Bhopal was the first effort at documenting in print the oral histories of Bhopal survivors.

Award winning Photo essays documenting Bhopal:

Raghu Rai 

Pablo Barthomew

Alex Masi

Micha Patault 



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