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A visit to Remember Bhopal Museum is important for students and educators because here:

  • Informal learning takes place students4
  • Encounter objects of people’s history
  • Engage with history outside textbooks
  • Interact with real stories, real voices
  • Connect classroom with community

Remember Bhopal Museum offers a wide variety of educational activities through out the year (Tues-Sun).

The learning activities include: “Find Me” game-based learning, role-play, painting, comic-strip, theater acts, toxic-mapping, storytelling session, gas-trail, designing posters, songs, poetry, neighborhood mapping. In addition, museum facilitates a pre-visit briefing by a survivor/activist, and a post-visit discussion.The museum also provides internship opportunities to students.

Come and Learn at Remember Bhopal Museum. 


Museum Address

Sr HIG 22, Housing Board Colony,
Berasia Road, Karond,
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Phone: + 91 9589345134

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